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A worksheet? Or maybe an accounting program?

Maybe you’re just like me – spent lots of your precious time on running your budget in a large worksheet with numerous redundant columns? Or maybe you’ve tried to adjust to one of many applications that look like an accounting program? Have you also experienced that despite frequent trials and much effort after some time your planned differed from reality and you didn’t know what to do better? I have. Have you started over and over again believing that this time the result will be different? I have.

"Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.". Like it or not, if you want to have different results, you have to change your actions. It’s not an easy path but at the end of it you’ll find Your Riches. So get ready for blood, sweat and tears. OK, I got a bit carried away. ;) But I want to gently suggest that a change of habit takes a bit of effort.

So how can we help you? GetRich is something more than an app for managing finances, we want to help you not only in sorting out your finances but we will also point out how to defend yourself against all kinds of financial predators so that you and your family can keep all your hard-acquired goods to yourselves and manage them according to your own rules.

My way...

As I mentioned before, over many years I have tried to manage my personal finances, eagerly taking advantage of various tools available on the market. Starting with smaller or bigger Excels, mobile phone apps, etc., until I realized that all of them require loads of effort, are inconvenient, illegible and, what’s worse, keep my personal data in the cloud. .

And from some financial data you can draw very interesting conclusions (my colleagues from a special room equipped with fiber optics did various sales analyses in real time). Such data may reveal our priorities and weaknesses ;) and in the times of “the Internet of products” skillfully press us to buy an unnecessary product that I would not have bought normally if it had been at a time when my will was strong and I was able to think twice.

On my own skin and to my wife’s, daughter’s, siblings’ and parents’ misfortune I have tested several techniques of financial alchemy popularized on the Internet, on TV and various kinds of bestsellers and eventually I became a sucker for the creditor. ;)

Therefore, I replaced the alchemy of finance with real knowledge and I returned to the library and read a pile of books about finances, debts, history of money, history of civilization. To the theoretical knowledge, I added experience acquired while programming systems for company management. When I gathered it all, I tried out a prototype and the whole concept of the app on my 7-year-old daughter. The result was incredible and I developed an almost perfect product. Hmmmm, I didn’t really write this, did I? Oh, no, I did write it. :)

Application for budget management

After many years of using applications for finance management, innumerable attempts to master spreadsheets and reading many books on getting out of debt and providing the family with opportunities for development, I created an app that solved my problems. Why are other systems so hard and complicated in operation?

Make a plan for every month

Every day, month and year is different. We don’t always have to celebrate someone’s birthday, wedding, go to the dentist or pay higher heating bills. There are few permanent bills that are easy to keep. Whether the budget is successful depends on variables, that’s why in GetRich app you plan every month separately and you set the priorities.

Can your plan be successful?

In GetRich you don’t have to remember formulas and their updates, the app does it for you and additionally analyzes your data locally and on their basis it suggests to you what can be done differently

Or maybe you forgot to pay your utility bill and received a letter with demand for payment? You can easily put them in the current month and see how a given decision will affect this as well as the following months. In GetRich you always see the financial plan for the current year, month and every week. You can also see progress in implementing the budget and thanks to that you know exactly how much is left and what you have to do.

Shopping list

Have you thought how much you can spend on shoes, trousers or a shirt?

Add these products to your budget and then attach to your shopping list and take it with you to the shop.


In the era of wiretapping, the enormous marketing machine (waiting for your every penny), data software hacking, it is highly dangerous to store your data in the cloud. Therefore, in GetRich all data are stored only on your computer and mobile devices chosen by you.

Learn more about the application:

  • 100 % security

    Your data are stored only on your computer and only you decide who you will share them with

  • Easy access

    Manage finances safely on the phone* or computer.

  • Get rich with your whole family

    Family-adjusted. Every user has their own account and you can plan your expenses together*.

  • Love quality

    GetRich was created with love in Poland.

  • We work only for You

    You are our boss, that’s why we do everything we can to find best solutions for you.

  • We appreciate loyalty

    10% discount on the app license for newsletter subscribers

  • Broaden your horizons

    GetRich is not only an app but also a complex teaching tool about getting Rich.

  • Help and technical assistance

    Lifelong technical support for all Customers.

* - functions in implementation

Satisfaction warranty

My goal is to create useful and essential goods, so if you think that for some reason the developed application and the knowledge and experience behind it don’t solve your problems you can resign from purchase within 30 days and you will get a total refund.

Most people think that the road to Riches is a straight line upwards, but in reality it’s an incredible entanglement of good and bad choices – a mix of falls and small wins, learning, passion, discipline, overcoming obstacles. In reality, in order to be really and completely Rich you need to be completely transformed and become a totally different person.

Therefore, try out GetRich and see how a change of one parameter may affect the rest of your life.

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