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The debt of relationships

Dawno nie pisałem, gdyż pochłonął mnie nadmiar obowiązków związanych z opracowaniem nowych funkcjonalności w aplikacji. Jednak miesięczna przerwa od pisania, uświadomiła mi kolejny raz jak każde zobowiązanie finansowe oraz powiązana z nim spłata lichwiarskich odsetek jest kosztowna dla mnie, mojej rodziny i społeczeństwa.

Our common debt

Today I will share with you a painful experience of debts that I had no influence on. But this experience let me understand what important task is

Have you also got a 'plump' debt?

This morning I went to bakery for bread and there were lovely little cupcakes with beautiful creamy stuffing, sprinkled with powder sugar and iced with delightful chocolate. They couldn’t speak but it was impossible...

Can you be really rich?

One beautiful morning when my wife and daughter had been on holidays for a few days and I was starting another working day, I saw in my house many invisible debts, matters put off for later.

Is my child in debt?

Can small sweet children get in debt? Can they go bankrupt before they are 8 years old? They can and before they are adult they will go bankrupt many times – this is another lesson I wanted to share with you on the way to Riches.

Who is the greatest enemy against you getting rich?

I have been thinking for a long time about what I should mention at the beginning. What would I write if it was the only entry about getting rich? What has been the greatest truth that I discovered in my life?

About the author

My name’s Marcin and since 2000 I have been trying to find the pattern how to get rich. I can remember dry Communist Poland at its end and the time of political change. Thrilled by freedom and totally unready (as most of fellow-countrymen) for a free market, I started my way to attain wealth.