Have you also got a 'plump' debt?

Photo by Patrick Fore on Unsplash


It took me a while to get the courage and share about another obstacle on my and your way to getting rich. This discovery is so dangerous that it takes some months or years to realize that something is wrong. And when you start observing first negative effects it means that the liability is already hard to pay off and requires some heroic work from us.

What debt am I talking about?

This morning I went to bakery for bread and there were lovely little cupcakes with beautiful creamy stuffing, sprinkled with powder sugar and iced with delightful chocolate. They couldn’t speak but it was impossible to take your eyes off them, they were just lying there, waiting and distracting my hungry mind. They appeared like mermaids calling from the abyss “sailor, take me and you will forget the toils of your voyage for a while”.

Because I have been fighting like this every morning for a few years, I have become quite resistant in this matter. But I remember the time when there were some sweet guests staying in for the night in our fridge and even if I wanted to have a bite of innocent kale, juicy carrots or delicious broccoli, my eyes always landed on a cake soaked with layers of sweet whipped cream and contrasting sour raspberries and made it an ideal composition with hot morning coffee.

On our way we pass by many wise men whose golden thoughts give us a new meaning and change the direction of our actions forever – one of such wise men said once “it would be better for a sinful body to break than to waste God’s precious gift”. Since then I imagined myself as a candy knight defending any Napoleons, Éclairs, doughnuts, coconut buns and any other frightened sweets who hid against the hostile world in cupboards, fridge or any other dark places.

Unfortunately, every act of bravery has its cost and I paid for it with weight (fortunately, I stopped right before obesity – but I guess I am on the edge). Although you can treat this story with a pinch of salt, the debt of weight and obesity is quite commonly incurred by modern society ranging from kids, through young people to adults. Moreover, as is the case with every debt, the interest on this debt is very high.

Just like any debt, also the debt of health is costly for the debtor, as well as their close ones and society. The debt of overweight and obesity may result in not spending the time actively with our close ones, not being able to meet our grandchildren and society losing a precious scientist, teacher, doctor, pilot, driver etc, and children their dad, mum, grandpa or grandma.

Luckily, I have already started the process of paying off the debt of health but it is not easy, even if you throw away all buns and invite sausages, ham, cheese, but even in this case it is better to get rid of this liability so that you can stay healthy and be able to follow the road to riches in other areas.

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