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My name’s Marcin and since 2000 I have been trying to find the pattern how to get rich. I can remember dry Communist Poland at its end and the time of political change. Thrilled by freedom and totally unready (as most of fellow-countrymen) for a free market, I started my way to attain wealth. How this path has looked like and what conclusions I have drawn on the way – this is what the blog and application will be about.

Fascinating beginnings

Initial intuition and lessons from home had me associate wealth with a full-time permanent job, so that is why I took my first steps as a full-time employee in a computer software company. After many years it turned out that my passion for programming and love to acquire knowledge enabled me to diagnose the reason for numerous financial problems and put my life in the right track.

Before it happened, though, as a teenager I had come across numerous guide books with recipes for success of such authors as Robert Kiyosaki, Harvey Eckerd, Donald Trump and others that I cannot remember now. As most young people I got carried away by the “Break the rules!” idea I even read a guide book with a similar title so I rejected the experience and advice of my dear Father (similarly as the protagonist of R. Kiyosaki). I chose for my master and mentor no one else as the mythic rich father. Youth is ruled by naivety and action, so I got carried away by fresh ideas ideally fitting to the spirit of economic changes happening around me.

Because I wrote computer programs and saw my calling in it, I resigned from building financial independence by buying, selling and renting of properties. Other Kiyosaki’s recipes couldn’t be implemented on the Polish market because of different law conditions. There should have been the first warning light. Together with siblings (a model rejected by mentors – and why I will explain in a separate entry) I decided to open one of the first online grocery stores.

Fast way down

The story is quite long and I will soon share it. However, some facts and information are quite crucial – because they concern one of the many mechanisms of getting rich at the expense of other people. I present this mechanism in detail in one of the first articles “Who is the greatest enemy against you getting rich?”

As you are probably guessing, my dear and patient Reader, the project failed after about two years of preparations and one year of operation. There were unpaid credit cards waiting for me, debit on the account, empty bank account, tax executions and overdue payments for rent, security, the Internet etc. Fortunately, the bankruptcy of the company was the last event that I endured alone because about the same time my marriage with Kasia started. Together with my dear Wife we did not know how many interesting challenges there will appear on our road to real riches.

Experience makes perfect

The shadow of debt, crisis of 2007, failed conversations with business angels, shares depreciation which covered operating activity, surprisingly enough turned out to be a perfect experience. 10 years after the fall of my business the mystery of getting rich is being slowly untangled.

As you are probably guessing, the topic of getting rich is quite broad, therefore, if you got interested, continue with reading the other articles. You can find a few suggestions below.

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