Can you be really rich?

Photo by Scott Umstattd on Unsplash


Today I will share with you another great discovery about Riches that I made during last summer holidays.

One beautiful morning when my wife and daughter had been on holidays for a few days and I was starting another working day, I saw in my house many invisible debts, matters put off for later. Then I understood that putting topics off for later is a kind of debt, because although it seems that we have “more time” now in the future the interest on the loan may be far greater than the benefit from the time gained.

I discovered this rule when I entered the kitchen one day to prepare tea. The dishwasher had finished working some time ago and the sink was filled with dirty pans, plates and mugs waiting to be washed. This was the first sign that my fate may go differently than what I had expected.

Of course, in order to pour water to the boiler I had to try hard, a bit like in spillikins, make very delicate moves so that the dishes wouldn’t fall and break. When I managed to remove the most endangered ones, I was able to fill the boiler with water. When I turned the boiler on, I thought that right then I had 3-4 minutes so I would pay off the incurred debt and it would be over.

I started with the dishwasher. There were many very small dishes, mugs, cups, glasses, plates, bowls and a countless number of forks, knives and spoons. It took me more than 15 minutes as I had not always put the dishes away where they should be, and in order to place the clean ones I had to move the ones that had already occupied the space in cupboards.

In the meantime, I prepared tea – heating water five times over and over again because it cooled down faster than I had thought. When all dishes landed in the cupboard and the dishwasher was ready to welcome a portion of new dirty fellows, I started placing them there one by one. I read on some pots that even if you load them to the dishwasher and wash, they will still come out dirty (we have tried many magic substances from MLMs, amazing commercials etc., but the result has always been the same), so I started scrubbing off the burnt layer. It took some pain and the dishes were ready, then a miracle happened, because the dishwasher was ready to receive all dirty company from the sink. I poured some powder and turn the washing on. Finally, I was able to come back to my tea – it wasn’t so bad, 50 minutes passed by, at least the brain had a break.

Unfortunately, before I made the second step I felt with my feet that not everything went as I had planned, and while I was scrubbing the pans, some pieced landed on the floor, and now it required attention. I put my tea away and went for the vacuum cleaner as I had spied with my little eye that the floor could look better.

I turned the vacuum cleaner on and dusted the whole kitchen together with the hall in one go as some unwanted creatures landed there also. After five maybe ten minutes the vacuum cleaner, like a good policeman, chased all wrongdoers and put them where they belonged.

I was happy. I could come back for the tea. However, the rays of the summer sun exposed stains on the window glass as well as small lakes left in the kitchen (despite my vacuuming). You know by now what was next, so I will spare you the details.

Before I came back to work again, my tea was cold and the computer was in the sleep mode. But it confirmed that every debt has a destructive power not only financially. And thanks to that situation I was able to share another story with you, my dear Reader.

As you see from this example, debts hide everywhere, so we should not only sort out the finances but look holistically at the whole life – I will share with you some more of my discoveries on the way to Riches soon.

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