Our common debt

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Today I will share with you a painful experience of debts that I had no influence on. But this experience let me understand what important task is ahead every generation because if one generation does not pay off the debts the following generations will suffer. In this perspective, you can see how important it is to be Rich.

Some time ago, one of my uncles suddenly passed away. Because this was an unexpected event, he didn’t leave any will or suggestions what to do next. We learnt that there were left some unsettled liabilities.

As it turns out, the law in Poland and most other countries where the bank elite is in charge, what is protected is the business of lenders not debtors. These dealings are profitable for notaries, judges, any kind of office workers and bailiffs at the end, because in this way all the above-mentioned groups can spend their loot on food, houses, and cars. It’s for good reason that there are especially dedicated attorneys who deal with inheritance law only.

Exaggerating? I will show you the scale of the problem and let the readers decide for themselves if there is any useful work done in the process.

It turns out that in order to reject the debt after the late uncle, you have to go to the notary, you meaning all potential inheritors, so the deceased’s parents, siblings, siblings’ children and these children’s children. Every visit costs at least 100 PLN (because you need to take a few certified copies - that is A4 sheets of paper put in a folder), moreover, depending on how large the family is, filling in papers on rejecting the debt may take a great number of hours before all data are notarized. As soon as the notary documents are reported, then a forest is being cut down and CO2 emissions increased because every family receives a message on paper and in an envelope that such and such person rejected the inheritance. Try to imagine how much natural wealth is wasted in such an unnecessary bureaucracy.

Unfortunately, that’s not the end of the story but only the beginning. When the unfortunate inheritors happened to have a spouse and offspring, they encounter another trap. Namely, they cannot reject the debt on behalf of their children (why do it anyway if we already rejected the inheritance?), but they need to ask the family court to do it for them. So you need to bring the case to court including another set of unnecessary documents such as your children’s birth certificate, copies of death certificate and a few other ones. And most importantly, you must provide two copies of these documents, because one copy is kept in case files and the other is sent to your spouse with information that I want to reject our child’s debt, yes, yes, even when the spouse lives in the same house. I stumbled at this stage because I sent only originals without making a copy.

Then the tricky matrix bgins. Because I sent the original documents, the court sent me a letter about formal defects (cost of the letter at least 10 PLN). Making the legal slang (which took almost two A4 pages) understandable, the point was that I didn’t provide Xerox copies of the documents (and the court would have to copy them by themselves) and to justify the nonsensical request for Xerox copies they also asked for an explanation why I wanted to reject the inheritance on behalf of my child. I will just add that the letter that I sent I had copied from others who didn’t get such a request, so the real point was the lack of Xerox copies as there is only one law.

Because I didn’t understand what the problem was, I called the court and at the other end the “poor” office lady explained to me that I have 7 days left to settle the matter (and I actually had just one left, because I had to take the document from another place) and if I didn’t have the originals I could come to them and make copies and add them to the files. When I tried to explain that I had things to do, a job, maintained my family as well as bankers’ and tax officers’ families, the lady answered that if I didn’t settle the matter in one day, the case would be closed and daughter would inherit all debts.

As I am not made of stone but a living man –I felt a great pain resulting from the cruelty and heartlessness of the system. I begged my wife not to share what emotions and words filled our house.

This is how I was forced to go to the other end of the city. My inborn optimism was telling me that copying would take me maximum 20 minutes and it would be over. As it turned out later on, I spent three hours in the court because, first, I needed to know where I should go (and nobody gives information, there are only sold beverages rich in sugar, buns and other products needed for survival), and when I finally found the place I had to wait in a line, fill in a form to give out the files, wait for the files, fill in a form to be able to use the Xerox machine, pay 1 PLN per page, wait in a line again and eventually come in to the room without a number to see how the ladies were enjoying some cookies and chatting. They stared angrily at the intruder who interrupted their picnic.

After receiving the copies, you just need to submit them to the right judge and there was another line with 20 people. However, here there appeared some light in the tunnel, I can escape the hornets’ nest and send the copies by post. Nevertheless, I spent the whole day for this matter (the employer didn’t pay, work not done, but at least office workers were happy).

If we count how much time, CO2, trees and electricity was wasted just by one case and we multiply it by hundreds of thousands simultaneous ones, we can realize how gigantic debt of bureaucracy was incurred by our predecessors and us. If our generation doesn’t solve the problem, the potential of our children will be destroyed by a heartless and useless bureaucratic machine which doesn’t serve society but destroys and degenerates it.

Just like financial and health debts must be paid off, similarly social ones because, unfortunately, as you can see from this example, even if we are not guilty, the bureaucratic hydra will reach us and steal our time, joy and will significantly deteriorate the value of our life (as for me, this case still continues and I will probably lose a few more days).

Feel free to share your thoughts, I will be glad to read them, te ideas on how to solve the problem of empty bureaucracy.

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