The debt of relationships

Photo by Vanessa Bumbeers on Unsplash


I haven’t been here for a while because I got caught in the rush of everyday duties related to developing new functionalities in the application. However, a month’s break from writing made me realize once again how every financial liability and paying off usury interest is costly for me, my family and society.

What consequences do excessive financial liabilities carry? In order to present the situation better I will go a few years back when my debts were growing. Because of financial crisis that began in 2008, the situation on the job market significantly worsened and my net remuneration fell by about 50%. Consequently, my capabilities of paying the debt back and growing usury interest turned out to be insufficient.

Because there are two institutions which always have to get the money (Bank and Tax Office), no matter if I have it or not, I had to resign from renting a flat and for some time live with my parents and work two full-time jobs. After some time I managed to pay off the most urgent liabilities, I could go back to renting a flat but still had to work two jobs.

People are not made to work incessantly (especially in a sitting position), so after a few years of such effort to pay off the debts I suffered side-effects, i.e. pain in the spine and other health ailments. But failure in health is just the beginning of negative consequences.

As a consequence of two jobs and the mentioned health problems there were some other less obvious sicknesses. If you work two jobs, you incur debt in your relationship with wife, daughter, extended family and friends. I used to think that the situation is temporary and I would soon fix it, but the burden of usury (that is making money on money) is hard to bear and history is full of human tragedies caused by such dealings.

You can guess that relationship debt is manifested in lack of time. After one work you need to go to another instead of spending the time with children, wife, or other relatives or friends. Of course, there are experts in filling in the gap in relationships between parents and children such as tablet, TV, games, social network. These experts steal the time from our children by feeding them with light and pleasant marketing babbling, awakening in our child unsatisfiable desires and in reality programming a lifelong consumer. Limiting the access to such harmful input is hard, because even if you want to play a feature-length story you are forced to watch 20 minutes of commercials. Because the visual has an incredible power, the presented products and services (100% redundant for my child) will stay in the mind forever.

When the child becomes an adolescent, and then adult, with a huge debt with Father, Mother, family and friends, she will have to bear the consequences of debts that she had no influence on. One day, in society controlled by usury, whole indebted generations will come of age and it will turn out that it is impossible to pay off all liabilities, then society will become degraded.

And what do you think about it? Are you experiencing debt of relationships? How are you dealing with it?

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